Biological Dentistry
At Calderon Family Dentistry in Vancouver, WA

Biological dentistry is dentistry done with your whole health in mind.

As a biological dentist accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT), Dr. Monica Calderon offers a unique blend of modern clinical dentistry and complementary therapies for a whole-body approach to oral health and wellness.

Biological dentists understand deeply how the teeth and other oral structures are connected with the rest of the body both physically and energetically. We recognize that conditions in the mouth can have systemic effects, just as systemic health problems can have oral manifestations.

Because of this, we prioritize using biocompatible materials and techniques to address dental issues in order to support the structural integrity and function of the teeth and gums, as well as total body health.

Our integrative approach draws from the strengths of modern evidence-based clinical dentistry and time-honored holistic health principles for a complete mind/body/spirit approach to oral health and wellness.


For diagnostic imaging, 3D Cone Beam (CBCT) scanners provide highly detailed digital 3D images that allow us to see all of the oral structures in relation to those surrounding them. Both CBCT and 2D digital x-rays use dramatically less radiation than conventional film imaging.

Biocompatibility Testing

Dental practices involve the use of many synthetic substances and materials including composite resins, cements, crowns, and more. Biocompatibility testing determines the body's compatibility or reactivity to these materials to avoid negative biological responses.

Safe Mercury Removal

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin commonly used in “silver” amalgam dental fillings, which is why safety is paramount when a patient needs or chooses to have them removed. Dr. Calderon is certified in the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) developed by the IAOMT to protect patients, dental workers, and our environment from mercury exposure. These strict safety protocols include the use of protective gear, high-volume suction, ventilation, and rubber dams.

Nutrition & Detox

Maintaining a healthy mouth starts with good nutrition. Deficiencies or imbalances can negatively affect the teeth and gums. Regular nutritional counseling enables patients to make dietary changes that support oral health restoration and maintenance, while detoxes may be recommended as part of healing after certain procedures such as safe mercury amalgam removal and cavitation surgery.

Ozone Therapy

Dental ozone therapy delivers ozone gas to structures in the mouth. Ozone is oxygen that includes an extra atom, which makes it a potent disinfectant effective against infection and disease. In proper dosages, it eliminates bacteria, viruses, and fungi without any known side effects. Dental ozone therapy expedites healing, reduces pain and inflammation, and helps restore oral tissues to ideal health.

Periodontal Therapy

Biological dentists emphasize non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments for gum disease. In addition to deep cleanings, ozone, lasers, and other therapies are used to gently target diseased tissue while preserving healthy gums and bone.

Oral Surgery

When teeth need to be extracted, we make sure to fully remove the periodontal ligament and disinfect the underlying bone thoroughly to prevent the development of cavitations: areas of infected, dead, and decaying bone that’s often hidden below healthy looking gum tissue and can contribute to chronic health issues. Cavitation surgery is usually needed to rehabilitate these lesions. Ozone and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) are used in all of our surgical procedures to support good, accelerated healing.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This extensive restorative treatment returns badly damaged or worn teeth to full form and function. It may involve biological modifications to remove amalgam fillings or infected root canal teeth, and restore optimal tooth alignment and bite. Biocompatible materials such as fluoride-free, BPA-free composite resins and ceramic/porcelain are used for all restorations and prosthetics.

Biological Dentistry for Children

We take a very gentle approach to make children's experiences visiting the dentist relaxed and hassle-free. We never fill or cap teeth with metal, nor do we use fluoride. We limit x-ray exposure. The ultimate goal is to instill good lifelong oral care habits from an early age, so we also devote a healthy amount of time to educating parents and their kids on proper nutrition and home care.

Collaborative Care

Integrated care leads to better total health outcomes. As a biological dental practice, we routinely work collaboratively with other medical professionals and healers, such as physicians, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and more. Patients are empowered to take ownership over improving their health.